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See and Hear Pentera CEO Claudine Donikian Discuss Latest Planned Giving Research and Possible Changes in Tax Laws

Pentera CEO Claudine Donikian recently engaged in a wide-ranging interview about planned giving and The Planned Giving Study funded by Pentera - and she strongly encouraged donors to make gifts regardless of what may happen with tax laws affecting philanthropy.

A short video clip of part of the interview is now available here, and the entire audio interview is available here. The interview was with Radio Entrepreneurs, a popular online radio program hosted in the Boston area.

In response to a question about what may happen with tax regulations affecting philanthropy, Ms. Donikian advised against speculation and replied:

"One thing we do know is that Americans are very generous and they remain very generous despite economic downturns, despite tax act reforms. So I think that we can and should count on the fact that Americans will remain generous. If you are contemplating a gift, whether it's a $100 gift or a $100,000 gift, do not let a potential tax change keep you from making that gift. Nonprofits need our help - and I think that Americans really understand that."

Other questions addressed by Ms. Donikian in the far-reaching interview include:

  • What are the common characteristics of planned giving donors?
  • How do you cultivate donors?
  • What are the key findings of The Planned Giving Study?
  • What impact does the study have on those working in planned giving?
  • How has planned giving changed over the years?
  • What do you see for planned giving in the future?

Ms. Donikian is touring the country presenting findings and recommendations from The Planned Giving Study. She has presented at conferences and to planned giving councils in Seattle (twice), Boston, Houston, Jacksonville, Florida, and several other cities - and is presenting later this month in Phoenix, St. Louis, and Alexandria, Virginia. You can book her to present to your planned giving council here.